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LOOKING BACK…MOVING AHEAD! 385c7884-d7d4-4b9b-9020-7579442dcbcf


As we WAVE goodbye to FAIA’s 2021 Convention, we are reminded of how thankful we were to finally be able to gather again with our friends and coworkers. Whether you dipped one toe in and came for only a day or took the plunge and came for the entire time, the FAIA staff was thrilled to see you.  We hope you enjoyed your time with us and the many sessions, events, and networking opportunities.

While we didn’t have the number of exhibitors and attendees we have had in the past, we had the same level of excitement and energy throughout the tradeshow, the breakout sessions, the general session, hospitality events, the concert, and more! Attendees had the oppor...

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InVEST Winners 2021 f3049a52-699f-419d-862f-79ba2244df55


Congratulations to FAIA’s 2021 (state) InVEST Scholarship Winners. The winners this year are:

  •  First Place: Blake Ofstein, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, $2,000
  • Second Place: Alex Crews, Northeast High School, $1,500
  • Third Place: Sydney Martin, Northeast High School, $1,000 

Each applicant wrote a 500-word essay describing the benefits of participating in the InVEST program and how the program influenced their future plans. We applaud all of the students who applied and thank all of the teachers and insurance agents who helped provide the program.

If you would like to be involved in the InVEST program or learn more about InVES...

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Big "I" Hosts a New Webinar Series: Website Wording Liabilities cdae9a5f-ae54-4a33-9572-3d13a349c433


The Big “I” Professional Liability Risk Management team is putting on a series of complimentary webinars reviewing agency websites. If you’ve taken one of our Error & Omissions (E&O) classes, you’ve heard that your agency’s website can potentially put your business at risk.

This series of webinars is focused on the E&O issues created by agency websites and an agency's overall marketing efforts. The sessions will help you understand how the words you use can create unrealistic expectations and what you can do to prevent that. During each 30-minute session, you'll learn about this topic from multiple perspectives, including agents, attorneys, claims adjusters, auditors, a...

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Tower Hill's Bulletin to Agents: State Requirements for Florida Licensed Insurance Agents Working from Their Residence 67fdd1df-aec1-4464-9c23-4071dbc88d74


FAIA has been receiving numerous questions from members regarding a bulletin that Tower Hill recently sent to their appointed agents. The full text of the bulletin is below. FAIA agrees that Tower Hill's summary of the law is correct; however, the applicability of these laws to various situations should be clarified.

First, the laws regarding licensing a home office as an agency apply only in cases where the agent working from home is not employed by or under contract with an agency that already has a licensed agency location that is open to the public and where records are kept.  An agent is not required to license his/her residence as an agency if the agent is simply working remotel...

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How Do You Deal With Conflict? ded85089-2fb3-4021-a6fa-0fae1c4008e9


Everyone hates conflict. Well, I won’t say everyone—some family members seem to thrive on it—but MOST of us hate it. I’m one of them. The thing to remember when it comes to conflict is it’s inevitable. So when it comes, and it will, knowing how to identify the type of conflict will help you properly handle it.

There are two types of conflict: Substantive and Personalized. A substantive conflict can occur on any topic, but the driving force is that the parties involved simply disagree. The disagreement is only about the substance of issues. That’s it. The other type is a personalized conflict. With this type of conflict, the parties involved don’t like each other. When this happens,...

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