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Friday Morning Live October 29, 2021. Join Dave and guest Frank Elorza with RMS Hospitality 1269b7c1-2761-44a6-900f-d22a0d08f794


Join Dave and guest Frank Elorza with RMS Hospitality on Friday Morning Live! October 29, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. 

This week’s guest will discuss hospitality programs for bars, nightclubs, and franchise food groups. RMS is part of Independent Market Solutions, a market access program with FMS. Join Dave and Frank to learn more about this program and how RMS can grow your book of business.

Use the link below to register.

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Legal Brief: Florida Supreme Court Rules That Insurers’ Payments to Expert Witnesses Are Discoverable dd26a189-23fe-4a5b-a381-9a7bce43f0d0


In two decisions last week, the Florida Supreme Court upheld previous court rulings that required insurers and their defense law firms, when asked during the discovery process in lawsuits, to disclose their payments made to physician witnesses. And although the Court acknowledged the disparity between the information plaintiffs and defense teams can request in discovery, the Court chose not to opine on the disparity issue. Thus, it seems that these two Florida Supreme Court cases could potentially embolden plaintiffs’ lawyers to demand more financial information from insurers.

The two cases referenced are Brent Dodgen vs. Kaitlyn Grijalva, and ...

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Make Power Moves With YAC and Peak6 a43e1f78-6dcd-49c7-a9cd-73ea72664911


Like at the poker table, women in the insurance industry must carefully manage risk and make critical decisions in order to help clients. The Young Agents Council is sponsoring a Poker 101 event hosted by the Peak6 Insurtech to help women be fearless from the poker table to the board room.

Poker Power includes a dozen courses created by long-time trader Jenny Just that uses the card game to teach risk-taking and negotiation techniques. Lessons, taught by seasoned players, start with basic skills, like how to read opponents and when to fold. Users then adapt those techniques to work...

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MarshBerry Offers FAIA Members A Member Benefit, Thursday October 21, 2021 70811e6d-538e-4924-917d-d1bd38ccd5b6


Over the years, MarshBerry has been a staple at FAIA's annual convention, along with other industry events. The information they provide agents and the insurance industry is well thought out and timely. 

Based on the longstanding relationship between FAIA and MarshBerry, they are offering FAIA Members a complimentary registration to attend an industry update: Q3 M&A Market Trends.

Below are the details for this webinar, including a registration link and the coupon code to take advantage of this special offer for FAIA Members. We hope you can join MarshBerry for this webinar and gain insights into the insurance industry that only they can provide. 

FAIA membership has...

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Data Drives the Discussion 0bfd8713-eee6-4b36-99bd-a89ea3dcce27


Over the years, FAIA has played the role of arbiter between insurance stakeholders and public policymakers. Many factors have led to this position of influence, not the least of which is the favorable way agents are viewed by members of the Legislature. The association's mission is: "To serve the needs of Florida insurance agents and consumers by promoting a healthy and competitive insurance environment." The commitment to ensuring that reforms consider both the insurer and the consumer puts FAIA in a unique position. Because of this, FAIA is often "in the room" when policymakers make final decisions. This has been true for many reform efforts, including assignment of benefits (HB 7065, 2...

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