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Represent Trusted Choice at Make-A-Wish Walks 3c8b9c86-da6e-4e12-b5a7-812802237387


FAIA submitted two grant applications to Trusted Choice to sponsor six Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes events this year. Four will be with the Southern Florida Make-A-Wish Chapter—in Ft. Myers, Sunrise, Miami, and Tampa—and two with the North-Central Make-A-Wish Chapter—in Orlando and Jacksonville.

The first walk is in two weeks on Saturday, October 2, in Ft. Myers at JetBlue Park (where the Boston Red Sox hold spring training). Registration fees are waived for the first five participants (use code: TRUSTED5) as part of our sponsorship. After that, it costs $20 for adults a...

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Dissecting a Cybersecurity Questionnaire 5a8805b4-b90e-41e3-9cb1-f245859a1339


I can’t tell you how many calls I get from members about the new cyber questionnaires being asked of them by their carriers. One specifically is Amtrust and New York DFS questions. You may say, “Well I am a Florida agent, why does this affect me?” Well, if you write any business in New York, listen up!

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Still Time to Register for National ABEN Day...September 14, 2021 05435224-6817-488a-aaaf-6a2b8a875f1f


As a member of FAIA, you still have time to register for the National ABEN Day on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. This event is approved for four hours of CE and will arm each of you with the latest insurance information regarding Workplace Violence, Covid, and Cyber.  If you have already registered, thank you. If you have not, use the link below to do so today. You will not be disappointed. 

Any member of FAIA has the ability to register for this event, free of charge. 

Classroom - National ABEN Day - Gear Up Against Violence, Viruses and Hackers!

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Being More Optimistic c71f9223-21c8-4eec-a5ef-68420a0db0ad


Do you know what I want to become? A more optimistic person. I know many of you are probably saying good luck with that, let me know how that works out for you. I’m serious though. Wouldn’t you prefer to be around someone who is optimistic rather than pessimistic? I would any day.

I read a book by David Cottrell called Leadership Courage and he talked about leaders being optimistic. At first, I thought that was pretty weak; the more I thought about it, I realized he was absolutely right. We need more optimistic people. Being optimistic is hard for some of us. I’m not talking about going around the office riding on a unicorn and spreading rainbow cheer, just shed some posit...

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Underwriting Made Easy - Fetch! Has You Covered! b09a7376-9d50-4951-a884-5901b3150d26


FAIA Member Services' is pleased to announce the addition of our newest preferred provider - Fetch!  On September 1st, we finalized an agreement with Fetch! CEO and Founder, Trace Meek, to offer an underwriting process you've only dreamed about!

Fetch! is the first of its kind software program that allows users to quickly research underwriting for a given risk in under 30 seconds with only a location needed to get started. There are over 38 billion possible combinations of variables.


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