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The Rise of Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges: Trends and Insights


Over the last couple of years, FAIA has received more frequent inquiries regarding Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges (RIEs), which are commonly referred to as reciprocals. Understandably so, given KIN, Loggerhead, and Orange Insurance Exchange’s adoption of the reciprocal model and Tower Hill's transition. A comprehensive overview of the structure, characteristics, and history of reciprocals has been hard to come by. However, ALIRT Insurance Research recently provided FAIA with a copy of their report titled, "Overview of Reciprocal Insurance Exc...

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Access Sample Coverage Declination Forms


Earlier this year, the Big “I” revamped its E&O Risk Management website, E&O Guardian. This website is exclusive to Big “I” member agencies and contains key resources reserved for exclusive access by Swiss Re E&O policyholders. For example, recently, the Big “I” released sample coverage declination forms. Read the article below for more information.

Access Sample Coverage Declination Forms from E&O Guardian

by Brett Sutch at 8:25 AM in Professional Liability, Risk Management

As part of its ongoing effort to arm Big “I" members and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions agency errors & om...

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YAC—The Secret Sauce to Successful Professional Friendships


In the ever-evolving realm of professional growth, connections are more than just assets; they’re lifelines. Within the Young Agents Council (YAC) creating professional friendships can be your secret sauce for success! 

As you immerse yourself in YAC, you'll discover that the benefits of professional friendships extend far beyond the ordinary. It's not only about acquiring industry knowledge; it's about transforming your YAC experience into something that will help you throughout your career.  


When it comes to nurturing YAC friendships, authenticity is always the best way to go. Take the time to...

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