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Introducing Catalyit: All the Agency Tech Guidance You Need, All in One Place 52bb42e7-d94b-4192-8a7a-79ced83c2564


Every day, agents reach out to FAIA with questions, and one of the most common topics is technology. While the insurance industry has long been viewed as antiquated and lagging in technology, many agents are actively pursuing technology solutions to give them a competitive edge. Today, FAIA is launching a new partnership with Catalyit to help agents get the information they need from one of the most trusted names in the insurance tech space, Steve Anderson.

Along with Steve, seven state associations came together to provide agents with a solution to their technology concerns. The Catalyit Big I state association fou...

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The Young Agents Council Wants YOU! a496be3e-2ffe-42a6-b3b5-99583248a761


The Young Agents Council wants you in volunteer leadership. 

The Young Agents Council is looking for a new member on their volunteer leadership team. The role of Vice Chair of the Young Agents Council has an opening. This newly elected YAC leader will become Chair in the 2023–2024 fiscal year.

Volunteer leadership is the best way to give back to the industry. Giving your time and knowledge is invaluable, which is one of the reasons we appreciate our volunteers so much. When you serve as a volunteer leader, you have the challenge and responsibility of understanding how everything needs to work together for an organization to accomplish its goals. The association better serves...

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Committee Weeks, Special Session, and Legislative Priorities—Oh my! c76a4130-e704-406b-a859-30875ba8a3b6


If you are anything like me, you are already preparing for the Thanksgiving food coma that is just around the corner. As we prepare for the day of thanks and, for some of us, the arrival of the inlaws, I wanted to provide you with a few updates from your association's government affairs shop.


Legislative update:

  • Florida's Legislature has completed five out of six interim committee weeks. During week five (this week), Governor DeSantis called a special session focusing on COVID-19. The Legislature is considering four bills which: address vaccine mandates and employee rights; address mask mandates and parental rights; provide enforcement mechani...

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Workforce Development—How to Close the Talent Gap! 0c601505-ed87-4720-a88e-fd1366a42f6d


FAIA staff receives a lot of questions from our members. One area that is consistently in the top three—finding talent. Statistics show the talent gap in the insurance industry is a major concern. Florida, for example, expects an average of 6,423 annual openings in the insurance sector, with jobs ranging from producers, customer service, account management, administrative, supervision, underwriting, claims, actuarial science, and risk managers.

So how do we close that gap?

FAIA convened a workforce summit in Tampa on November 8–9, 2021, bringing groups together to discuss the common goal of how to attract more people to the insurance industry and close the talent gap. Partic...

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Legal Brief: OIR Approves 4.9% Decrease in Workers’ Compensation Rates for 2022 3f9d57e4-db84-49b0-812f-3c2e89a9c40c


Late last week, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) issued a Read More

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