FIRST Insurance Funding

Premium FinancingThrough FAIA preferred provider FIRST Insurance Funding, FAIA members and their clients can enjoy the benefits that come with access to one of the largest premium finance companies in the U.S. 

FIRST has grown from a $300 million finance company to a $3 billion finance company, growth that can be attributed to the company’s deep understanding of the American Agency System. 

FIRST is committed to providing FAIA members with the tools needed to build their business. FIRST will develop a custom finance program that not only provides full premium finance services, but also offers a package of financial services designed specifically for your agency.

Introducing FIRST FlexPay

FIRST Insurance Funding's FlexPay is a unique and exclusive payment solition for workers' compensation policies that combines pay-as-you-go flexibility with premium finance benefits for agents and their insureds. Click on the image to download the information PDF.