About FAIA Member Services, Inc.

FAIA Member Services (FMS) adds intrinsic value to FAIA membership by offering high-quality, cost-effective products and services, and access to markets. A subsidiary corporation of FAIA, FMS and its agent-led board of directors monitors existing programs and seeks out companies willing to provide the FAIA members high-quality, cost-effective products and services, as well as access to markets. 

The decision to offer a product to agents is based on many factors. For example, a partnership with FAIA may simply add value in the form of improving the product to the public, thus making independent agents more competitive with direct writers or agency carriers that market directly. It can come in the form of improved compensation or more widespread availability of insurance products for agents. FAIA’s ability to aggregate can result in greater long-term stability, higher commissions, or better contracts on what are otherwise widely available products. 

FMS rewards agents for participation in its programs through commission and potential extra income generated through its Utilization BonusProgram.

About the Board

The board consists of a chairman, a past chairman, the FMS Managing Director, the FAIA President & CEO, the current FAIA Chairman of the board, five at-large positions, and the current Finance Chairman. Like the FAIA board, FMS board members demonstrate their commitment to observing and promoting the highest ethical conduct in the performance of their duties.

Interested in serving? Contact Dave Burt.

FAIA Member Services Board

The business of this corporation shall be managed and its corporate powers exercised by the Board of Directors. The Board shall consist of seven persons including the President of FAIA. The current Chairman of the FAIA Finance Committee is an ex officio member of this Board. The Board will oversee the for-profit operations of the association.