Heartland Payroll

Ovation Heartland logoHeartland Payroll is a payroll services company that wants to provide payroll services; not expand into the insurance and benefits markets. In fact, Heartland Payroll helps protect your book of business by agreeing not to offer competitive services to your clients. The program can automatically send HSA payments to the appropriate accounts, and offers an integrated “Pay-As-You-Go” solution for your clients through select general agencies and carriers. 

Partnering with Heartland Payroll can make your agency more competitive. Through co-branding, agencies can open another revenue stream by offering Heartland Payroll’s full line of services to their clients.

Visit Heartland Payroll’s website for more information and to request a quote. Please enter "FAIA" in the "referred by" field.

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FAIA members can also take advantage of Heartland’s services for their agency needs, and will receive a 25-percent discount off the payroll solutions.