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Hurricane Insurance 4-1-1

Insuring the Condominium

Hurricane BrochureMany Floridians know what to do when a hurricane threatens and have developed a plan. But for far too few, insurance is not a part of that plan. Just as your clients have a family plan, so too should they have an insurance plan. This guide will help your clients plan for insurance before a storm and understand the claims process after a storm.

CondoBrochureAlong with the many advantages to living in a condominium, there are unique insurance hazards and problems. Fortunately, there are also unique insurance products designed to help the reduce risks of financial loss. This brochure is designed to give unit owners the information needed to make sound decisions about condo insurance.


Agency Operations and Procedure Manual

This publication is offered to FAIA members at a special price through an exclusive agreement with The Moberg Group. Provided on CD, the manual can be easily customized to meet the needs of any agency, regardless of size. Procedures are provided for all lines of property and casualty business, as well as for the financial services side. Included within the manual are general procedures for internal operations such as Internet, e-mail, document management (scanning), mail, phones, fax and claims. Also included are excess and surplus lines handling, binding, and certificate procedures. Commercial lines information covers lead development, proposals, endorsements and renewal procedures. Also included are personal lines and financial services procedures, and job descriptions. 


From Cartels to Competition: The Evolution of Insurance and the History of Florida’s Independent Insurance Agents

/uploadedImages/FAIA_Site_Home/Membership/Membership_Resources/cartels-big.gifThis inspiring story, exhaustively researched and colorfully written by former FAIA executive Scott Johnson, AAI, CAE, is about the formation, launch, and maturation of FAIA, which was formed to protect Florida’s local fire agents from all manner of threat. It starts in the early 1800s, when America’s first trade groups, local boards of independent agents, were rising out of chaos created by inconsistent rates and underwriting run amuck.

About the Author

Scott Johnson's entire career has been about insurance, starting with two years at the Florida Department of Insurance followed by 29 in service to Florida's independent agents. Johnson held virtually every staff position at FAIA before retiring in 2010 as executive vice president.

Account Summaries

FAIA offers Personal Account and Commercial Account Summary checklists at no cost to members.