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FAIA Member Services is dedicated to bringing FAIA members quality products and services that either generate revenue or cost savings. The FMS Board of Directors takes a close look at every program to ensure only the best get the stamp of approval.

Agency 401(k) Solutions

Agency 401(k) Solutions, an exclusive, FAIA-members-only retirement program, will insulate you from fiduciary liability; control plan and fund costs; and deliver “Best in Class” fund options. 

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Agency Acquisition Exchange

Are you looking to buy an agency or to sell your own?  If the answer to either of these questions is yes, Agency Acquisition Exchange—which matches buyers and sellers—is for you!  

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FIRST Insurance Funding

FAIA members enjoy the benefits that come with access to one of the largest premium finance companies in the country. FIRST is committed to providing FAIA members with the tools needed to build their business.

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Heartland Bill Pay

Heartland gives agencies the ability to securely and efficiently accept credit cards and ACH payments. FAIA members receive a considerable savings over standard pricing!

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Is an independent community bank founded by agents exclusively for agents. You can rely on InsurBanc for custom products designed to underwrite your success.

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InsureSign offers agents a fast, simple, and secure way to get documents signed by insureds, regardless of time or location. They are so sure you'll like InsureSign, the first 14 days are free! After that FAIA members receive up to a 15-percent discount on standard pricing.

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Office Depot

Enrolled FAIA members receive up to 75 percent off the manufacturers’ list price and further discounts off the everyday retail prices. 

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Partnering with Rytech can benefit an agency's reputation and financial health by providing exceptional service to insureds and helping control loss ratios. Rytech's national and regional mitigation job cost averages are consistently 30% to 40% lower than industry averages. 

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FAIA members save up to 34 percent off UPS Air letters and up to 18 percent on Ground shipments. 

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VineIT to offer FAIA members exclusive discounts across its entire service portfolio, making secure managed IT service affordable for agencies of all sizes.

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Work At Home Vintage Experts

WAHVE gives FAIA members access to highly qualified, trained, and experienced insurance industry pros who want to stay engaged and productive in retirement. 

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