Volunteer Leadership

The Young Agents Council consists of an executive committee and two task forces: Membership and Events.

Young Agents Council (YAC)


Through effective leadership and stewardship of resources:

  • Exemplify professionalism and ethical behavior;
  • Be actively involved in the legislative process surrounding our industry;
  • Promote good community relations; and,
  • Foster an environment in which young insurance professionals can interact with each other, resulting in successful career paths for young agents and growth for their agencies.

Brittany Eldridge

Olympus Insurance Company

Mr. Daniel Kurzweil


Michella Dobson

Agency Marketing Services, Inc.

YAC Membership Task Force


  • Develop outreach efforts to recruit new hires from FAIA member agencies and companies as new YAC members.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging, knowledge, and strength that benefits agency operations, profitability, and growth.


YAC Events Task Force


  • Organize events and activities that promote leadership development, refine communication, and encourage community service.
  • Offer networking opportunities that create industry relationships, and innovative marketing strategies essential to successful careers and agency growth.